MainContactUsTyne Engineering is a turnkey provider of touchscreen kiosks offering complete kiosk solutions including design, fabrication, programming, testing, installation, and maintenance of multimedia kiosks for a wide variety of custom applications. Tyne Engineering - Your ISO9001:2000 Quality Kiosk Provider.Tyne Engineering Inc. - Your Partner in Quality

Tyne Engineering's kiosk division runs its project according to its ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.

This enables us to contribute to a smooth running project from conceptual design through implementation and testing.

Tyne's dedication to quality is reflected in the equipment we sell as well as in support documentation and project management activities.

Tyne's kiosk quality program includes:

Design ReviewsComputer Burn-inFinal InspectionControl of NonconformancesAdherence to contract committmentsConstant ImprovementContact us today to discuss your requirements!
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